About us


It all started 30 years ago, when a young girl discovered a love for reading and writing magical stories. Then she grew up and forgot all about that beautiful thing she had discovered. When later on she become a mom, she rediscovered the magic of making up fantastic stories. Every night she sat with her children before going to sleep to tell them stories off the top of her head. The stories were in Spanish, which was key to raise bilingual children in the US and they featured children together with their grandparents, cousins, uncles and friends who were in Argentina. Then the cousins wanted to hear these stories on their birthdays! All the children surrounded that young woman/mom to listen to her magical stories. This motivated her to create the Magic Yellow Book to be able to give the same magic to all children.


Icono estrella de Magia

In the power of magic and words to awaken creativity and dreams.

Icono Rayo de Poder

In the empowerment of our little ones through their participation in stories.

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That each boy and girl is unique and navigates their course on a path of limitless creativity.

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In the value of friendship and teamwork.

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In the importance of children being the protagonists in adventures and not mere spectators.